Milestones of my last 20 years

…especially grateful because born on May 3rd, 1976, happily married to the best woman in the world and blessed with three wonderful children…

Milestones of my last 20 years

…especially grateful because born on May 3rd, 1976, happily married to the best woman in the world and blessed with three wonderful children…

11/2011 to date

Consultant, interim manager, partner of leading online companies, inventor/developer of online marketplaces & Owner sales counselor

Selected references:,,,,,,,,, (eigene Marktplatz-Idee), (eigene Marktplatz-Idee),,,,,,,,, and many more companies.

sales counselor referencesAs an independent management consultant, I have been successfully developing business areas, products, and people for over 10 years. With my network, I realize unique digital marketplaces, sales strategies and the necessary structures to achieve the goals set. As an independent consultant, interim manager and partner, the focus is on the optimal connection between product development and sales. My projects mainly take place in the areas of digitization, energy transition and industry 4.0. In particular, I combine the requirement to increase sales with the to-dos for the units controlling, product, SEO/SEA, UX/UI, HR and lead generation.

My heart beats in particular for the establishment and development of intelligent business online services and evaluation portals, whose vision is to create unique marketplaces and market transparency. Regardless of whether the monetization of the core business is based on

  • insertion models,
  • lead models or
  • revenue share models,

my goal is to generate the perfect added value along the entire customer journey, from the SERP snippet to the final conversion.

As a developer of scalable digital strategies, I am happy to create the optimal balance between product development, marketing and sales for my clients and partners.

My toolbox for efficient implementation is filled with many years of experience in corporate management, business area and product development, leading large sales teams and a reliable instinct for promising paths.

07/2009 to 10/2011

Managing Director
VIAFON GmbH, Berlin

In July 2009 I was appointed Managing Director. In this role, I was responsible for leading all businesses and divisions (sales, outbound sales, inbound service, engineering, corporate financial planning) with a total capacity of 300 salespeople.

In 2010, the focus was on acquiring new partners and shareholders for the next growth offensive. I was fully involved in the implementation of this task.

Furthermore, in the second half of 2011, I looked for and recruited another managing director from VIAFON’s competitive environment.

I developed new digital key accounts, established the new shareholder constellation and set framework conditions that enabled me to break new ground after 10 years.

11/2006 to 06/2009

Managing Director Business Development & Operations
VIAFON GmbH, Berlin

In this role, I also took on the entire management of outbound sales, inbound service and quality.

In this phase I developed together with my team to the leading B2B tele sales lead agency for digital products in Germany. Among other things, we developed the New Tele Sales for,,,,, and many other online marketplaces.

01/2005 to 10/2006

Business Development Director
VIAFON GmbH, Berlin

In my role as Business Development Manager, I was primarily responsible for acquiring and developing new and existing customers. I also took over the areas of marketing, product development and corporate strategy. This phase was characterized by significant increases in sales for the company.

02/2003 to 12/2004

Head of Sales
VIAFON GmbH, Berlin

In my role as sales manager, I was responsible for new customer acquisition and existing customer development and led a team of account managers.

09/2001 to 01/2003

Account Manager
VIAFON GmbH, Berlin

As an account manager, I was primarily responsible for acquiring and developing new customers.

10/1995 to 10/2000

Business graduate
Freie Universität Berlin

Business administration with a focus on: Personnel policy, marketing, production and service management

Regular part-time job during studies:

04/1996 to 01/2000 General German Automobile Club eV (ADAC) – answering those seeking help on the phone, independent planning, adequate problem solving, complaint processing/evaluation

Community service after studying:

11/2000 to 09/2001 Community service in the emergency call center Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe e.V.